TOPPIN Steam Mop - We OFFer at cheap prices 23ft Power 3 and Cord Water Tank 380ml 380ml,Steam,-,Power,Cord,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,,Water,3,/Ibsenic746878.html,TOPPIN,Steam,23ft,Mop,Tank,,and,$28 $28 TOPPIN Steam Mop - 23ft Power Cord and 380ml Water Tank, 3 Steam Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care TOPPIN Steam Mop - We OFFer at cheap prices 23ft Power 3 and Cord Water Tank 380ml 380ml,Steam,-,Power,Cord,Home Kitchen , Vacuums Floor Care,,Water,3,/Ibsenic746878.html,TOPPIN,Steam,23ft,Mop,Tank,,and,$28 $28 TOPPIN Steam Mop - 23ft Power Cord and 380ml Water Tank, 3 Steam Home Kitchen Vacuums Floor Care

TOPPIN Steam Mop - We OFFer at cheap prices 23ft Superlatite Power 3 and Cord Water Tank 380ml

TOPPIN Steam Mop - 23ft Power Cord and 380ml Water Tank, 3 Steam


TOPPIN Steam Mop - 23ft Power Cord and 380ml Water Tank, 3 Steam

Product Description



Steam Level Low / Medium / High
Tank Capacity 380ml
Heating Time 20 seconds
Steam Temperature 120° ± 3°
Working Time 13-15 min per full refill
Steam Mop Pads 2 Pads
Rated Power 1300W
Rated Voltage 120V 60Hz
ON/OFF Switch Supported
Cord Length 23 feet / 7 meters
Dimension 104 × 29 × 20 cm / 40.9 × 11.4 × 7.9 inch
Net Weight 1.93 kg / 4.25 lbs
TPSC001 Steam mop
TOPPIN Steam Mop TPSC001 TOPPIN Steam Mop MA1-A
Steam Control Continuous Steam Low / Medium / High
Water Tank Capacity 450ml 380ml
Cord length 23ft 23ft
Handheld Steamer 10-in-1 with Handheld Steam Cleaner /
Washable Microfiber Pads 2 pads 2 pads
Working Time 12 - 18 mins 13-15 mins
Steam Temperature 95°-105° 120° ± 3°
Dimension 13.4 × 6.3 × (44.5~52.4) inch 40.9 × 11.4 × 7.9 inch
Retractable tube /
Replacement Pads for TPSC001 Replacement Pads for MA1-A
Model TPSM002 TPSM001
Washable Pads 4 Pads 4 Pads
Material Microfiber Microfiber

TOPPIN Steam Mop - 23ft Power Cord and 380ml Water Tank, 3 Steam

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