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Evolur Madison discount 5 in 1 Flat Crib Top Convertible Regular store

Evolur Madison 5 in 1 Flat Top Convertible Crib


Evolur Madison 5 in 1 Flat Top Convertible Crib

Product description

Style:Evolur Madison 5 in 1 Flat Top Convertible Crib

Though the world travels of our designers, the Madison collection was designed in the charming small French town, Dinan.  The 13th century architecture, magnificent ramparts, tall arched bridge  and picturesque colors crafted the inspiration for this collection. The Evolur Madison collections offers a shabby chic meets rustic farmhouse design which is an renew style with rustic sophistication for your child's nursery .This convertible crib offers a softer look with a flat top full panel headboard with exquisite art deco inlay trim, fluted legs, bi-level molding, routing lines which embody the footboard. As your child grows, reconfigure the crib into a daybed, toddler bed and a full-size bed, complete with a headboard and footboard which creates a long-lasting design. Madison mattress support can be adjusted to one of three height positions, according to your child's needs; this crib will grow with your child from infant to young adulthood. This collection is available with two designer crib options Curve top or Flat top, as well as an array of case goods including standard double dressers, bookcase/hutch and tall chests, as well as our new space conscious three drawer and mini bookcase/hutch. Also available is a universal night stand, change station tray, conversion kit and toddler rail(sold separately). The Madison is crafted out of Kiln-dried hardwood with fine veneers. Feature hidden hardware with a 3 mattress height setting to accommodate your growing baby, fixed stationary sides rails. The Madison converts  to a charming toddler bed with our conversion kit ( sold separately ); daybed and  the  back panel converts to a full-size headboard with the simple addition of our wooden bed frame ( sold separately). Fits standard size Evolur crib mattress . Madison finish options include Antique Gray Mist and our new Weathered Gray(a farmhouse textured gray finish ). Includes anti-tip kit

From the manufacturer

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Double Dresser Tall Chest 3-Drawer Chest Bookcase Mini Bookcase Blooming Peony Nursery Rug

Evolur Madison 5 in 1 Flat Top Convertible Crib


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