MITPATY Stylish 2-Drawer Storage Cabinet - Organizer shopping M with Unit $38 MITPATY Stylish 2-Drawer Storage Cabinet with Organizer Unit - M Home Kitchen Storage Organization -,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Storage,M,,Cabinet,MITPATY,2-Drawer,with,Organizer,Unit,$38,/Limulus409008.html,Stylish $38 MITPATY Stylish 2-Drawer Storage Cabinet with Organizer Unit - M Home Kitchen Storage Organization -,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Storage,M,,Cabinet,MITPATY,2-Drawer,with,Organizer,Unit,$38,/Limulus409008.html,Stylish MITPATY Stylish 2-Drawer Storage Cabinet - Organizer shopping M with Unit

MITPATY Stylish 2-Drawer Storage Cabinet - Organizer shopping M with Unit Limited time cheap sale

MITPATY Stylish 2-Drawer Storage Cabinet with Organizer Unit - M


MITPATY Stylish 2-Drawer Storage Cabinet with Organizer Unit - M

Product description

Color:White 2-drawer


Rolling storage unit with drawers is perfect for tucking away those messy displays and give you some extra space for your home at the same time☕☘Fully take advantage of corners of room and keep all items dust-free and organized


1☕☘Made of thick environmentally friendly PP plastic, durable and practical, smooth finish, dust-proof and waterproof, easy to clean

2☕☘Ideal storage for home, kitchen, crafts, Bathroom or art studios, also used as closed laundry utility cart or vertical dresser storage tower

3☕☘Design for space-saving

4☕☘The slide out cabinet organizer is narrow but deep☕☘It is also a bathroom free standing storage cabinet


1☕☘Weight Capacity Per Shelf: 20lb / 9.07kg

2☕☘Product Dimensions: (14.76 x 13 x 24.6) / (37.49 x 33.02 x 62.48)cm (L x W x H)

3☕☘Materials: PP

Package Includes:

1 x Cabinet

MITPATY Stylish 2-Drawer Storage Cabinet with Organizer Unit - M

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