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SMYONGPINGCar Key Shell Protective Cover Same day shipping Soft TPU Button 3 Oklahoma City Mall Remot

SMYONGPINGCar Key Shell Protective Cover Soft TPU 3 Button Remot


SMYONGPINGCar Key Shell Protective Cover Soft TPU 3 Button Remot

Product description

Car key shell, key chain, key chain. This product is used to place your car keys to prevent your keys from wearing out and losing their beauty. This product is made of high-quality leather and high-quality metal, printed with beautiful patterns, and has beautiful and durable characteristics. Essential supplies for every car lover. Thank you for patronizing our shop and wish you a happy car! ! !
Material: Aviation Zinc Alloy +Silicone+Keychain.
color:As picture show
Important note:
1. Before purchasing, please check whether the appearance of your key is the same as the product picture above.
2. Easy to install ,Just put your car key into the car key case, and then use.
3. Elegant Streamline design, Smooth metal light reflection.
4. key not include.Please check the your car key if like the photo before you order,thanks for your attention.
Package include:
1pcs Car Key Cover (Not Includes the key)
Please Ensure your key is the same as our photo show, if not, please ask us before you bid. Thanks for your understanding!

SMYONGPINGCar Key Shell Protective Cover Soft TPU 3 Button Remot

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