for,Frame,Full,with,O,Screen,and,$46,/conjointness409368.html,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,,Digitizer,Assembly,CathyHan,LCD $46 CathyHan LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly with Frame for O Cell Phones Accessories Accessories $46 CathyHan LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly with Frame for O Cell Phones Accessories Accessories CathyHan LCD Screen Safety and trust and Digitizer Full Frame with Assembly for O CathyHan LCD Screen Safety and trust and Digitizer Full Frame with Assembly for O for,Frame,Full,with,O,Screen,and,$46,/conjointness409368.html,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,,Digitizer,Assembly,CathyHan,LCD

CathyHan LCD Screen Safety and trust Digitizer Full Frame with Assembly for service O

CathyHan LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly with Frame for O


CathyHan LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly with Frame for O

Product description


We love our customer and trust our products. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through email.
Before Installation Notes1. Tips 1: Test before installation
When testing, do not remove any protective film or tags. Please pay attention to the problem of static electricity.
Before attempting any repair, be sure to ground yourself is an ESD (electro static discharge) strap. This will prevent static electricity from damaging the electronic components within the phone.
Ensure you wear eye protection and use caution not to cut your finger with the glass splinters.
2. Tips 2: Simulates testing
Screen replacement is very fragile product. We strongly suggest test before installation. Please simulates testing, which means mobile phone apart, (motherboard + LCD or screen) connected audio cable and new replacement, power on, test finished. If test OK, please install it. If it can not show, please contact us at the very first time. And please do not force it to be installed in mobile phone. We will not be responsible once the screen is installed.
3. Tips 3: Do not over-bend cable
Please make sure LCD cable Do not over-bend. Over 90 degrees bent will cause black display.About the product1. Replacement LCD display + touch screen digitizer assembly with frame for OPPO A83.
2. Replace the old, broken, cracked, damaged one.
3. Make your device look more refreshing than ever.
4. Completely fit and work.
5. Each item has been checked and in good condition before shipping.
6. Professional installation is highly recommended. We will not be responsible once the screen is installed.

CathyHan LCD Screen and Digitizer Full Assembly with Frame for O



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