$39 MEJAZING Shower Curtain Sets with Non-Slip Rugs,Toilet Lid Cover Home Kitchen Bath MEJAZING favorite Shower Curtain Sets with Toilet Lid Non-Slip Cover Rugs Sets,MEJAZING,dijitalhavuz.com,$39,Rugs,Toilet,Shower,Non-Slip,Curtain,Lid,/denat409398.html,Home Kitchen , Bath,with,Cover $39 MEJAZING Shower Curtain Sets with Non-Slip Rugs,Toilet Lid Cover Home Kitchen Bath MEJAZING favorite Shower Curtain Sets with Toilet Lid Non-Slip Cover Rugs Sets,MEJAZING,dijitalhavuz.com,$39,Rugs,Toilet,Shower,Non-Slip,Curtain,Lid,/denat409398.html,Home Kitchen , Bath,with,Cover

MEJAZING favorite Shower Curtain Sets with Sales Toilet Lid Non-Slip Cover Rugs

MEJAZING Shower Curtain Sets with Non-Slip Rugs,Toilet Lid Cover


MEJAZING Shower Curtain Sets with Non-Slip Rugs,Toilet Lid Cover

Product description


A high quality bathroom shower curtains sets can be enough necessary your family healthy.Our 4 piece shower curtain sets enough to keep your bathroom cleaning,Personalized Customize bathroom 4PCS Sets Let you add pleasure in the bath.This kind of high quality shower curtain Sets match the excellent you.

Size Information

The shower curtain size:70" L x 69" W,the bathroom rug size:23.6" L x 15.7" W,the toilet lid cover size:16.5" L x 14.6" W,the U shape rug size:17.7" L x 15.8" W.This bathroom set size is suitable for most bathrooms.


1 x shower curtain,12PCS free PVC hooks;

1 x bathroom mat,1 x toilet lid cover,1 x U shape rug

Elegant design

Personalized advanced HD pattern printing technology,make your bathroom more fresh and have a new look.

Waterproof material

100% polyester,has a good waterproof effect,super soft and skin-friendly,easy to hanging,do not fade.

Non-Slip bathroom mats:Bathroom mats is made of high quality flannel,used in the bathroom,it can be very effective and non-slip,helping you to enjoy a pleasant bath time.

Advanced technology

Adopt HD digital printing,clear vibrant colorful design will bright up your bathroom!

Easy to use

We give 12 hooks for free to our customer,ensure everyone can easy to install this shower curtain.


Introduction to care:Machine washable,wash in cold water,wash separately and hang dry recommended,do not use chlorine bleach,you had better ironing in low temperature.

MEJAZING Shower Curtain Sets with Non-Slip Rugs,Toilet Lid Cover

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