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Safavieh Micro-Loop Collection MLP601A Handmade Premium Wool Are

From the manufacturer

Safavieh Micro-Loop Collection MLP601A Handmade Premium Wool Are

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Bookcation Summer Reading Guide

Summer Blockbusters

Start reading the biggest books of the summer!

Dive into the Past

Spend a summer day in the past with these historical novels.

Book Club on the Beach

Read the books your club won’t want to stop talking about.

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Anthropologie x Simon & Schuster Book Club!

Get literary with author Dawnie Walton and Nnenna Odeluga of Star Crossed Smile on August 17 at 7 pm EDT.

Word According To Karp

Simon & Schuster CEO Jonathan Karp recounts his experience of working with "royalty": Donna Summer, the QUEEN of Disco!

Stephen King reads from BILLY SUMMERS

Hear the legendary storyteller read from his latest novel!

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Books for Children & Teens

Anthony Doerr's long-awaited novel



Pulitzer Prize-winning author of All the Light We Cannot See


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