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Plant Therapy KidSafe Grow Ease Essential oz 55% OFF mL security Blend Oil 1 30

Plant Therapy KidSafe Grow Ease Essential Oil Blend 30 mL (1 oz)


Plant Therapy KidSafe Grow Ease Essential Oil Blend 30 mL (1 oz)

Product Description

kid safe

KidSafe Essential Oil Blends

KidSafe by Plant Therapy is the first-ever line of essential oils developed especially for children. Formulated by Robert Tisserand for children ages 2–10, KidSafe features a variety of synergies and single oils targeted for common issues in this age range. All are available as 100% pure, undiluted essential oils as well as pre-diluted roll-ons.

As parents ourselves, the Plant Therapy team wouldn’t settle for anything less than absolute safety, and these oils aren’t just safe for children, they’re effective too!

kid safe

KidSafe Blends


Single Oils

synergy blends

Synergy Blends

roll ons ready to use


Plant Therapy KidSafe Grow Ease Essential Oil Blend 30 mL (1 oz)

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