Pcs,30Packs,Cabinet,Brushed,Kitchen,dijitalhavuz.com,Nicke,/devolve408979.html,$30,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Sunriver,Pulls,,Cup,15 30Packs Kitchen Cabinet Cup Pulls Brushed 2021 spring and summer new Pcs Nicke Sunriver 15 30Packs Kitchen Cabinet Cup Pulls Brushed 2021 spring and summer new Pcs Nicke Sunriver 15 $30 30Packs Kitchen Cabinet Cup Pulls, Sunriver 15 Pcs Brushed Nicke Tools Home Improvement Hardware $30 30Packs Kitchen Cabinet Cup Pulls, Sunriver 15 Pcs Brushed Nicke Tools Home Improvement Hardware Pcs,30Packs,Cabinet,Brushed,Kitchen,dijitalhavuz.com,Nicke,/devolve408979.html,$30,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Sunriver,Pulls,,Cup,15

30Packs Kitchen Cabinet Cup Pulls Brushed 2021 spring and summer new Pcs Nicke Sunriver supreme 15

30Packs Kitchen Cabinet Cup Pulls, Sunriver 15 Pcs Brushed Nicke


30Packs Kitchen Cabinet Cup Pulls, Sunriver 15 Pcs Brushed Nicke

Product description

Package includes:
15 * Cabinet Cup Pulls
15 * Round Knobs
Matched Screws, each cup handle has 2 short screw(0.98inch/ 25mm) and 2 long screw(1.57inch/40mm), each knobs has 1 short screw(0.98inch/ 25mm) and 1 long screw(1.57inch/40mm)

Handle Material: stainless steel
Round knobs Material: zinc alloy
brushed nickel stainless steelamp; zinc alloy cabinet hardware kit, widely used for variety of stylish cabinet
Ideal for used as a functional hardware for kitchen, bathroom or bedroom cabinets
Make your home stylish
Elegant brushed nickel finish

30Packs Kitchen Cabinet Cup Pulls, Sunriver 15 Pcs Brushed Nicke

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