$244 Stainless Steel Can 304 Stainless Steel Milk Can, With Lid Sou Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining With,Can,,Stainless,/devolve409379.html,dijitalhavuz.com,Milk,Steel,Steel,Stainless,304,$244,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Sou,Lid,Can Stainless Steel Can 304 Popular product Milk Lid Sou Can, With With,Can,,Stainless,/devolve409379.html,dijitalhavuz.com,Milk,Steel,Steel,Stainless,304,$244,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Sou,Lid,Can $244 Stainless Steel Can 304 Stainless Steel Milk Can, With Lid Sou Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Stainless Steel Can 304 Popular product Milk Lid Sou Can, With

Stainless Steel Can 304 Popular Challenge the lowest price of Japan product Milk Lid Sou Can, With

Stainless Steel Can 304 Stainless Steel Milk Can, With Lid Sou


Stainless Steel Can 304 Stainless Steel Milk Can, With Lid Sou

Product description



The milk tank is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the smooth mirror-polished coating prevents dents. It is suitable for large-scale use in restaurants/milk tea shops. More importantly, the stainless steel structure makes it easier to clean before brewing.


Name: 304 stainless steel sealed barrel

Material: food grade 304 stainless steel

Capacity: 6L, 9L, 12L, 16L, 28L, 48L, 60L (1.58 gallons / 2.37 gallons / 3.17 gallons / 4.22 gallons / 7.39 gallons / 12.68 gallons / 15.85 gallons)

Function: store liquid/solid food, etc.

Advantages: corrosion resistant, not easy to rust, easy to clean

Stainless steel milk jug.
Made of stainless steel.
Silicone sealing ring.
One piece can add support at the bottom and top without having to be welded together.

Package Contents:

1 x stainless steel bucket

Stainless Steel Can 304 Stainless Steel Milk Can, With Lid Sou

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