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WMLD Solar Ground Lights Garden Outdoor In-ground Landscape Ligh


WMLD Solar Ground Lights Garden Outdoor In-ground Landscape Ligh

Product description

Size:8 PCS

Type: Solar lawn light

Protection level: IP44

Light source type: LED

Rated power: 0.1 (W)

Voltage: 1.2 (V)

Sunshine time: 6-8 (h)

Dimensions: 8.5*3.8cm

Uses: garden landscape lights, outdoor lawn lights

● All Decorative Items in The Picture Are Not In Our Product Range.
● Manual Measurement Of Product Dimensions Usually Results In Small Errors of 1 TO 3 cm.
● Due to the Difference Between The Monitor and The Shooting, It May Also Be The Color Difference Between The Picture and The Actual Object.
● If You Are Satisfied With Our Products and Services, please Give US Favorable Support. Thank you

WMLD Solar Ground Lights Garden Outdoor In-ground Landscape Ligh

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