AriesDCHAT 20pcs Small Pampas Grass Dried Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Flo Phragmites Natural $23 AriesDCHAT 20pcs Small Pampas Grass Dried Natural Phragmites Flo Home Kitchen Home Décor Products AriesDCHAT 20pcs Small Pampas Grass Dried Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Flo Phragmites Natural $23 AriesDCHAT 20pcs Small Pampas Grass Dried Natural Phragmites Flo Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $23,20pcs,Small,AriesDCHAT,,Flo,/dissertative746676.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Grass,Pampas,Natural,Dried,Phragmites $23,20pcs,Small,AriesDCHAT,,Flo,/dissertative746676.html,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Grass,Pampas,Natural,Dried,Phragmites

AriesDCHAT 20pcs Small Pampas Grass Dried Luxury Free Shipping Cheap Bargain Gift Flo Phragmites Natural

AriesDCHAT 20pcs Small Pampas Grass Dried Natural Phragmites Flo


AriesDCHAT 20pcs Small Pampas Grass Dried Natural Phragmites Flo

Product description

Scope of use: beautiful natural flowers for wedding bouquet, stage, living room, bedroom, office, hotel, bookstore, cafe, restaurant, garden, birthday, valentine's day, etc.. Such long feathery nature plumes pampas grass dried decor your wedding, home and office would be the best choice.

Product Features

Packing Included:
a.20pcs raw color pampas grass and vase.
b.a.20pcs raw color pampas grass
Vase material: plastic
Size: The total length of about 45-55CM, and the length of the flower spike is about 20-30CM.
Perfect for wedding bouquet, bridal, party, home (windowsill, dining table, coffee table, foyer, living room, etc), holidays, gift, centerpieces, special occasions, office, DIY.
All pictures are copyrighted. Please do not take them without permission. Agents can contact customer service for pictures.


1. The plume can fall off little when you shake them heavily or put in a big wind place, be careful to buy if you mind.
2. Please note that all the sizes and colors may have a little deviation by manual measurement and display screen.
3.Due to packing extrusion, when you receive the product, please leave it in the sun for a few days, the feather flower will be more fluffy.

AriesDCHAT 20pcs Small Pampas Grass Dried Natural Phragmites Flo

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