$202 Encoders HORZ NO DET 24PULSE 20mm SHAFT W/O SW, (Pack of 100) (P Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Encoders HORZ NO DET 24PULSE 20mm SHAFT 100 Miami Mall Pack P O SW W of Encoders HORZ NO DET 24PULSE 20mm SHAFT 100 Miami Mall Pack P O SW W of $202 Encoders HORZ NO DET 24PULSE 20mm SHAFT W/O SW, (Pack of 100) (P Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical SW,,Encoders,100),24PULSE,HORZ,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,NO,20mm,$202,of,(P,/marionette690877.html,SHAFT,W/O,dijitalhavuz.com,(Pack,DET SW,,Encoders,100),24PULSE,HORZ,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,NO,20mm,$202,of,(P,/marionette690877.html,SHAFT,W/O,dijitalhavuz.com,(Pack,DET

Encoders HORZ NO DET 24PULSE 20mm SHAFT OFFicial mail order 100 Miami Mall Pack P O SW W of

Encoders HORZ NO DET 24PULSE 20mm SHAFT W/O SW, (Pack of 100) (P


Encoders HORZ NO DET 24PULSE 20mm SHAFT W/O SW, (Pack of 100) (P

Product description


  • Manufacturer: Bourns
  • Product Category: Encoders
  • RoHS: Y
  • Series: PEC12R
  • Mounting Style: Snap In
  • Type: Incremental
  • Resolution: 24 PPR
  • Technology: Rotary
  • Number of Detents: No Detent
  • Number of Channels: 2 Channel
  • Termination Style: Through Hole
  • Output Type: Quadrature
  • Shaft Diameter: 6 mm
  • Shaft Type: D / Flatted
  • With Switch: No Switch
  • Packaging: Bulk
  • Size / Dimension: 12 mm
  • Brand: Bourns
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: + 70 C
  • Minimum Operating Temperature: - 30 C
  • Product Type: Encoders
  • Shaft Length: 20 mm
  • Factory Pack Quantity: 75
  • Subcategory: Encoders
  • Unit Weight: 0.176370 oz

Encoders HORZ NO DET 24PULSE 20mm SHAFT W/O SW, (Pack of 100) (P

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