$23,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Up,ft,Length,,/marionette746977.html,250,Stranded,dijitalhavuz.com,Hook,0.0254,22,Black,,Wire,,AWG,Gauge 22 AWG Gauge Stranded Hook Up Length Topics on TV 0.0254 250 Wire Black ft 22 AWG Gauge Stranded Hook Up Length Topics on TV 0.0254 250 Wire Black ft $23 22 AWG Gauge Stranded Hook Up Wire, 250 ft Length, Black, 0.0254 Tools Home Improvement Electrical $23 22 AWG Gauge Stranded Hook Up Wire, 250 ft Length, Black, 0.0254 Tools Home Improvement Electrical $23,Tools Home Improvement , Electrical,Up,ft,Length,,/marionette746977.html,250,Stranded,dijitalhavuz.com,Hook,0.0254,22,Black,,Wire,,AWG,Gauge

22 AWG Gauge Stranded Hook Up Length Topics on TV 0.0254 250 National uniform free shipping Wire Black ft

22 AWG Gauge Stranded Hook Up Wire, 250 ft Length, Black, 0.0254


22 AWG Gauge Stranded Hook Up Wire, 250 ft Length, Black, 0.0254

Product description

Hook up wire is used in a variety of general-purpose electrical applications. Stranded copper wire provides good electrical connectivity while PVC insulation protects the wire against abrasion, chemicals, oils, and solvents. The wire conforms to UL and MIL-spec specifications, and provides excellent uniformity for easy processing, stripping, and terminating. Available in Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Gray, Red, Orange, White, Yellow, amp; Violet.

22 AWG Gauge Stranded Hook Up Wire, 250 ft Length, Black, 0.0254

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