LIUZH USB HUB C Adapter Max 68% OFF 6 HDMI-Compatible to 3.0 in 1 LIUZH USB HUB C Adapter Max 68% OFF 6 HDMI-Compatible to 3.0 in 1 $66 LIUZH USB HUB C Adapter 6 in 1 USB C to USB 3.0 HDMI-Compatible Electronics Computers Accessories C,LIUZH,HUB,HDMI-Compatible,/membranous633046.html,USB,,6,1,Adapter,Electronics , Computers Accessories,to,$66,USB,C,in,USB,3.0 C,LIUZH,HUB,HDMI-Compatible,/membranous633046.html,USB,,6,1,Adapter,Electronics , Computers Accessories,to,$66,USB,C,in,USB,3.0 $66 LIUZH USB HUB C Adapter 6 in 1 USB C to USB 3.0 HDMI-Compatible Electronics Computers Accessories

LIUZH USB HUB Long-awaited C Adapter Max 68% OFF 6 HDMI-Compatible to 3.0 in 1

LIUZH USB HUB C Adapter 6 in 1 USB C to USB 3.0 HDMI-Compatible


LIUZH USB HUB C Adapter 6 in 1 USB C to USB 3.0 HDMI-Compatible

Product description

Welcome to my shop, I wish you a happy shopping!

Multi-use of things to connect multiple devices to solve the inconvenience caused by fewer computer interfaces.
PD fast charge does not lose power while charging while playing, supports 87PD fast charge and fast charge.
Connect to a large-screen TV, multiple interfaces, high-definition stability without frame drop.
Two standard USB3.0, can connect mouse, keyboard, U disk, etc., multiple USB devices.
It adopts thick tinned copper wire core + aluminum foil layer + braided net, which effectively shields external signal interference and ensures efficient signal transmission.
Package Included:
1*USB splitter

LIUZH USB HUB C Adapter 6 in 1 USB C to USB 3.0 HDMI-Compatible

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