LKYBOA Child Camera -Kids Fashionable for Gifts Shockpr Girls Screen $88 LKYBOA Child Camera -Kids Camera for Girls Gifts, Screen Shockpr Electronics Camera Photo LKYBOA Child Camera -Kids Fashionable for Gifts Shockpr Girls Screen /membranous633246.html,Camera,-Kids,Camera,Electronics , Camera Photo,Shockpr,,Screen,Gifts,,for,$88,Child,Girls,LKYBOA /membranous633246.html,Camera,-Kids,Camera,Electronics , Camera Photo,Shockpr,,Screen,Gifts,,for,$88,Child,Girls,LKYBOA $88 LKYBOA Child Camera -Kids Camera for Girls Gifts, Screen Shockpr Electronics Camera Photo

Fees free!! LKYBOA Child Camera -Kids Fashionable for Gifts Shockpr Girls Screen

LKYBOA Child Camera -Kids Camera for Girls Gifts, Screen Shockpr


LKYBOA Child Camera -Kids Camera for Girls Gifts, Screen Shockpr

Product description


Display: 2.0 inch IPS HD screen
MP3: Support
MP4: Support
Storage: Micro SD card (maximum support 32GB)
Video resolution and format maximum resolution: 352*288: 3GP, MP4, AVI
Photo resolution and format: Image8MPMP/3MP2 MP/GA JPG/GIF
Flashlight: Outdoor flashlight lighting
Waterproof rating: IP68, bare metal waterproof 3 meters
Data connection: USB 2.0
Battery: 1000mAh polymer lithium battery
Charging time: about 2 hours
Camera function: normal shooting, continuous shooting, time-lapse shooting, flash, etc.
Recording function: normal video, flash, etc.
Digital zoom: 6 times
Built-in puzzle game: support
Size: length * width * height: 91.9 * 59.8 * 31mm
Weight: 97g
Language: English, French Spanish, German, Italian Simplified Chinese, etc.
Accessories: USB data cable, manual

LKYBOA Child Camera -Kids Camera for Girls Gifts, Screen Shockpr

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