$112 ADM Sneezeguard | EP-11 | Stainless Steel | Full Service Sneeze Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining ADM Sneezeguard EP-11 Stainless Oakland Mall Full Sneeze Service Steel ADM Sneezeguard EP-11 Stainless Oakland Mall Full Sneeze Service Steel ADM,Stainless,|,EP-11,Service,Steel,Sneezeguard,dijitalhavuz.com,Sneeze,/metempiric409392.html,$112,Full,|,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,| $112 ADM Sneezeguard | EP-11 | Stainless Steel | Full Service Sneeze Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining ADM,Stainless,|,EP-11,Service,Steel,Sneezeguard,dijitalhavuz.com,Sneeze,/metempiric409392.html,$112,Full,|,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,|

ADM Sneezeguard EP-11 Stainless Oakland Mall Limited time cheap sale Full Sneeze Service Steel

ADM Sneezeguard | EP-11 | Stainless Steel | Full Service Sneeze


ADM Sneezeguard | EP-11 | Stainless Steel | Full Service Sneeze

Product description

Size:Center Post

Tube Size: 1” Round (OD) - Post Height (OA): 17 1/4” - Finish: Powder Brushed Stainless Steel - Glass Support Clips Will Accommodate: 1/4” ~ 3/8” Material Thickness (Includes Nylon Locking Screw) - Base Flanges: 2” Diameter (OD) with Three Mounting Holes (counter mounting screws not included) - Base Flanges are Removable from Posts; Allows for an Easier Layout and Installation - Includes Matching Flange Canopy Covers; Covers Lock to Base Flanges - Optional: (Front Panel) 1/4” Clear Tempered with Flat Polished Edges - All Corners are Squared Off and Dubbed (Not Sharp) - Glass Height (Front Panel): 14 3/8” (Glass Panel Will Be 1 1/2” Off Counter Surface) - Optional: (Top Panel) 1/4” Clear Tempered with Flat Polished Edges - All Corners are Squared Off and Dubbed (Not Sharp) - Glass Depth (Top Panel): 11 1/2” - Posts Arrive Fully Assembled - Optional End Panels: 1/4” Clear Tempered with Flat Polished Edges (Panels Are Factory Installed onto Posts)

ADM Sneezeguard | EP-11 | Stainless Steel | Full Service Sneeze


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