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thinkcar THINKDRIVER OBD-II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic SCAN To


thinkcar THINKDRIVER OBD-II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic SCAN To

Product Description

Following the success of the ThinkOBD 100 and ThinkDiag, ThinkCar has taken their lineup of diagnostic scan tools to the next level with the affordable yet powerful ThinkDriver. Combining the versatility of the ThinkDiag and the affordability and user-friendliness of the ThinkOBD 100, the ThinkDriver offers car owners a comprehensive report on all systems found in their cars and the advantage of an interactive community, all at an affordable solution for all DIYers and car owners.



  • ThinkDriver is designed to work with One VIN so service subscription is on a per-VIN basis. If you would like to use the ThinkDriver on more than one vehicle, each additional VIN-subscription can be purchased at USD 14.95/year, and will include OBD, Full System, Bleed Reset and SAS Reset for the additional VIN.
  • Keep away from water, gasoline or other liquids.
  • Don’t forget to remove the ThinkDriver from the OBD port after use.

thinkcar THINKDRIVER OBD-II Bluetooth Vehicle Diagnostic SCAN To

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