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Salter Electronic price 25% OFF Glass Red Scale

Salter Electronic Glass Scale (Red)


Salter Electronic Glass Scale (Red)

Product description

Clean glass platform resists staining and flavor carry-over. Touch control means no buttons to clean. Included: 2 AAA Batteries

Salter Electronic Glass Scale (Red)

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Due to the current COVID-19 circumstances, we are working to get all orders out as soon as we can, there may be a slight delay with dispatch and with our couriers.

If you have any concerns regarding your order please contact us

Please note our phone lines are currently not being manned. Please email us at sales@midlandleisuresupplies.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank You.



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CTA SEAT SWIVEL BASE 2007 ON BOXER/DUCATO/RELAY X250 X290 motorhome camper 32852

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SkyMaxx Plus rooflight by Maxxair skylight 40x40

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Lunarable African Bedspread, Animals Theme of Safari in a Cultur
Vickerman 5' Sparkle White Spruce Pencil Artificial Christmas Tr

Most Popular

Indel B Plein-Airconditioner 12v collection only

£1,974.00 Ex Tax:£1,645.00

Dometic 12v led dimmer light fob remote control 9106504080

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C-Line Twin USB Socket – 5 Volt 1 Amp & 2.1 Amp PO269

£16.50 Ex Tax:£13.75

C-Line Twin Switch 12V & Pump PO267

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C-Line fused spur 5 AMP PO262

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A little about us:
Camper and Motorhome conversion products

Midland Leisure Supplies is a small family run business supplying everything for the motorhome and camper van conversion industry. We also supply spares and appliances for caravans, boats and much more. Originally starting out with motorhome conversions we have an invaluable knowledge to help with our customers conversions.
Ideally located in the Midlands we are happy to deal with public and trade enquiries.

Collections Strictly By Appointment Only.

Maxxair Airxcel stockist

Our current most popular items we sell (which is also a preferred product in our conversions ) is the Maxxair Maxxfan deluxe with remote control. We stock them in White, Smoke and Clear Tint. The Maxxshade and Maxxshade Plus are a an excellent addition and provide a blind specific for the Maxxfan Deluxe.
Skymaxx and skymaxx Plus 40cm x 40cm are also available from ourselves and are a great alternative skylight built by Maxxair. They come with or without Led and are even available in 70cm x 50cm called the LX model.
Dometic, Seitz, Smev and Waeco. The most popular items from Dometic are the CRX50, CRE50, Smev9222, Smev9722, Perfectroof Awning PR2000, Ducato/Citroen/Relay roof adaptor, Mini and midi Heki Roof lights RT100 (raintec 100) ft200 (flytec200) plus many more.
We also Supply THULE products such as Omnistor 6200 awning Thule bike racks including Excellent and Elite G2,THULE Omnisteps either 12v or manual V16 V18 led lit, Plus many accessories.

Fiat Ducato Citroen Relay Peugeot Boxer X250 X290- 2007 onwards Specialists

We specialise in products for the Citroen Relay (jumper),Fiat Ducato and Peugeot boxer x250 and x290. Products such as CTA Seat Swivel Bases, Underslung lpg tanks, Brand new Single passenger Seat, Remis Cab Blinds, Underslung water tanks Fiamma F80 thule 6300 awnings. plus many more.
We supply professional motorhome interior lining panels to give any self build the coach built look.
We are also a stockist of the popular boards from Morland UK and supply lightweight furniture boards in many different patterns.