$86 Terminals QK DISCONNECT FEMALE 18-22 AWG, (19003-0001) - (Pack o Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical Terminals QK DISCONNECT FEMALE Award-winning store 18-22 19003-0001 AWG - Pack o AWG,,o,QK,Terminals,dijitalhavuz.com,FEMALE,/piperaceous409312.html,DISCONNECT,(Pack,-,(19003-0001),18-22,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,$86 AWG,,o,QK,Terminals,dijitalhavuz.com,FEMALE,/piperaceous409312.html,DISCONNECT,(Pack,-,(19003-0001),18-22,Industrial Scientific , Industrial Electrical,$86 Terminals QK DISCONNECT FEMALE Award-winning store 18-22 19003-0001 AWG - Pack o $86 Terminals QK DISCONNECT FEMALE 18-22 AWG, (19003-0001) - (Pack o Industrial Scientific Industrial Electrical

Terminals QK DISCONNECT FEMALE Ranking TOP20 Award-winning store 18-22 19003-0001 AWG - Pack o

Terminals QK DISCONNECT FEMALE 18-22 AWG, (19003-0001) - (Pack o


Terminals QK DISCONNECT FEMALE 18-22 AWG, (19003-0001) - (Pack o

Product description

Specification :

  • Manufacturer : Molex
  • Product Category : Terminals
  • RoHS : Y
  • Product : Quick Disconnects
  • Stud / Tab Size : 6.35 mm x 0.81 mm
  • Wire Gauge : 22 AWG
  • Termination Style : Crimp
  • Gender : Female
  • Insulation : Insulated
  • Color : Red
  • Contact Plating : Tin
  • Contact Material : Tin
  • Series : 19003
  • Tradename : InsulKrimp
  • Packaging : Bulk
  • Insulation Material : Nylon (PA)
  • Mounting Angle : Straight
  • Voltage Rating : 600 V
  • Brand : Molex
  • Maximum Operating Temperature : + 105 C
  • Minimum Operating Temperature : - 65 C
  • Product Type : Terminals
  • Subcategory : Terminals
  • Part # Aliases : 0190030001 190030001 AA-2201
  • Unit Weight : 0.032452 oz

Terminals QK DISCONNECT FEMALE 18-22 AWG, (19003-0001) - (Pack o

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