Office,Chair,Hardwood,JLXJ,/piperaceous746812.html,for,Mat,Protector,,,$59,Tran,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Floor,,Carpet $59 JLXJ Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor, Carpet Protector, Tran Home Kitchen Home Décor Products $59 JLXJ Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor, Carpet Protector, Tran Home Kitchen Home Décor Products JLXJ Office Chair Mat for Manufacturer regenerated product Hardwood Tran Protector Floor Carpet JLXJ Office Chair Mat for Manufacturer regenerated product Hardwood Tran Protector Floor Carpet Office,Chair,Hardwood,JLXJ,/piperaceous746812.html,for,Mat,Protector,,,$59,Tran,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Floor,,Carpet

JLXJ Office Chair Mat for Manufacturer regenerated Max 90% OFF product Hardwood Tran Protector Floor Carpet

JLXJ Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor, Carpet Protector, Tran


JLXJ Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor, Carpet Protector, Tran

Product description


● Beveled Edges to Easily Roll your chair on and off without Grooving or Cupping the Wheels. This heavy-duty curved edge design is not only functional by preventing the mat from breaking or cracking, it also beautifully displays and protects the floor below with its virtually transparent finish

● Feature
Four seasons use
Washable floor mat
Naturally stain-resistant materia
Soft texture

● Specifications:
Color: Clear
Material: Polypropylene
Size: W×L
Weight: 1KG/M²

● Package Included:
1 x Transparent Rugs runner

1. Due to manual measurement, there may be a difference of 1-2cm.
2. The reason computer resolution, there may be differences in color to the actual goods received prevail

JLXJ Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor, Carpet Protector, Tran

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