$22 Oishi Matcha 100g - Organic Latte Grade Matcha - First Harvest - Grocery Gourmet Food Beverages Oishi Be super welcome Matcha 100g - Organic Grade Latte First Harvest $22 Oishi Matcha 100g - Organic Latte Grade Matcha - First Harvest - Grocery Gourmet Food Beverages dijitalhavuz.com,Grade,Organic,Oishi,Grocery Gourmet Food , Beverages,Matcha,First,$22,/ramiform409404.html,Matcha,100g,-,-,Harvest,Latte,- dijitalhavuz.com,Grade,Organic,Oishi,Grocery Gourmet Food , Beverages,Matcha,First,$22,/ramiform409404.html,Matcha,100g,-,-,Harvest,Latte,- Oishi Be super welcome Matcha 100g - Organic Grade Latte First Harvest

Oishi Be super welcome Matcha 100% quality warranty! 100g - Organic Grade Latte First Harvest

Oishi Matcha 100g - Organic Latte Grade Matcha - First Harvest -


Oishi Matcha 100g - Organic Latte Grade Matcha - First Harvest -

Product Description

Oishi 30g Oishi 100g Oishi 16 oz
Available Sizes 30g (1 oz) 100g (3.5 oz) 454g (16 oz)

Features of Oishi Matcha (おいしい) by Matcha Konomi

  • 100% pure Matcha green tea powder with no additives or fillers
  • Premium quality
  • First harvest gourmet Matcha
  • Certified organic (USDA and JAS)
  • Product of Uji (宇治), a small city located in the Kyoto prefecture of Japan
Oishi tin

We offer a variety of first harvest Japanese matcha powders in different sizes; choose the matcha that is right for you!

  • Oishi Matcha was developed specifically for creating high-end food items and beverages made with multiple additional ingredients. Compared to "ceremonial matcha", Oishi Matcha will have a stronger green tea flavor that will be easier to surface when mixed with other ingredients. Compared to "culinary matcha", it is of higher quality (first harvest instead of second/third harvest), it will have a more appealing taste (significantly less astringent than "culinary matcha"), and it will give food items a more beautiful color (bright green instead of yellowish-green).
  • If you are interested in drinking matcha as a tea (with water only) or in an unsweetened/lightly sweetened latte, we recommend using ceremonial matcha like our Akira Matcha or Amaya Matcha. If you are interested in drinking matcha in a strongly sweetened latte or in smoothies, we recommend using Oishi Matcha. If you have already tried drinking "ceremonial matcha" and found yourself to favor a stronger green tea flavor, Oishi Matcha will be a great choice.
  • Although this tin is supposed to have 30 servings (based on weight), the serving size of one gram (half teaspoon) is based on use in beverages. It is likely to go through the tin significantly faster when used for baking or creating food items.
Oishi Akira 30g Miya 30g tin Amaya matcha
Oishi Matcha Akira Matcha Miya Matcha Amaya Matcha
Grade Latte Grade Ceremonial Ceremonial Ceremonial
Harvest First (Spring) First (Spring) First (Spring) First (Spring)
Origin Uji, Kyoto Uji, Kyoto Miyazaki Prefecture Uji, Kyoto
USDA Organic

Frequently Asked Question

  1. What is the shelf life of Matcha? Matcha should be consumed within 12-14 months from grinding, assuming it was properly stored in a cool and dark environment away from heat, light, and humidity. Once package is opened, it should be consumed within one to two months while continued to be stored properly (preferably by refrigeration).
  2. What is the company's policy when setting the expiration date? We set the expiration date 12 months from time of grinding. While Matcha does not "go bad" after 12 months, the quality and flavor are expected to change even with proper storage.
  3. What is the number of servings in the 30g tin? Although this tin is supposed to have 30 servings (based on weight), the serving size of one gram (half teaspoon) is based on use in beverages. It is likely to go through the tin significantly faster when used for baking or creating food items. Please note that the 30 grams of Matcha powder are NOT expected to fill up the tin to the brim; matcha will fill approximately half the can only, and this is normal.
  4. What is the proper storage method? Please store in a cool and dark environment, and keep the bag tightly sealed in fridge after opening it.

Oishi Matcha 100g - Organic Latte Grade Matcha - First Harvest -



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