$33 8" d x 8" w Chrome Wire Shelving with 2 Shelves Home Kitchen Storage Organization 8",Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,dijitalhavuz.com,8",with,Shelves,d,Wire,Chrome,Shelving,$33,2,x,/saddirham409390.html,w $33 8" d x 8" w Chrome Wire Shelving with 2 Shelves Home Kitchen Storage Organization 8",Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,dijitalhavuz.com,8",with,Shelves,d,Wire,Chrome,Shelving,$33,2,x,/saddirham409390.html,w 8" d Over item handling ☆ x w Chrome Shelving with Wire 2 Shelves 8" d Over item handling ☆ x w Chrome Shelving with Wire 2 Shelves

Albuquerque Mall 8

8" d x 8" w Chrome Wire Shelving with 2 Shelves


8" d x 8" w Chrome Wire Shelving with 2 Shelves

Product description

Size:8"d x 8"w x 14"h

NSF-certified wire shelving comes with (2) shelves, (4) 1" diameter posts, shelf clips, and leveling feet. Steel is plated with durable chrome finish. Posts do not attach to other posts. For indoor, dry storage only. Please note that the product may arrive in more than one box, which may not arrive on the same day. Casters (wheels) can be attached to this unit. Stem casters made for wire shelving with 1" posts will be compatible, or Shelving Inc brand threaded casters. Leveling feet add 1" to the height of the unit. Actual shelf dimensions: 24"d x 71.75"w

8" d x 8" w Chrome Wire Shelving with 2 Shelves

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