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LSX--Refrigerator Car Refrigerator-22L OFFicial shop Super sale Hom Refrigerator Mini

LSX--Refrigerator Car Refrigerator-22L Mini Refrigerator Car Hom


LSX--Refrigerator Car Refrigerator-22L Mini Refrigerator Car Hom

Product description


Welcome to our shop, your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, we have a lot of products for you to choose, please rest assured to buy, I wish you a happy shopping

Product Name: Mini Refrigerator

Outer diameter: 31x37x43.5cm (length x width x height)

Inner diameter: 24x25x36cm (length x width x height)

Color: pink, gold, white, silver

Capacity: 22L

Rated power: 65W

Working voltage: car 12V / home 220V

Power cord length: 1.8m

Heating temperature: can be heated to 65 ° C

Cooling temperature: 30 ° C lower than the current ambient temperature (minimum -9 ° C)

Applicable occasions: car, home, apartment, office, studio


√ Manual measurement of the product will have a 1 to 3 cm error, which is normal.

√ All product images are taken in kind, due to the difference between light and display, there will be some colors, which is normal

√ Delivery time is approximately 15 business days.

√ If you have not received the product within 30 days, you can leave us a message and we will reply you within 24 hours

LSX--Refrigerator Car Refrigerator-22L Mini Refrigerator Car Hom

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