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WDSWBEH Vanity Chairs Square Sales store results No. 1 Ottoman Stool Foot Ad Rest Makeup

WDSWBEH Vanity Chairs, Square Ottoman Foot Rest, Makeup Stool Ad


WDSWBEH Vanity Chairs, Square Ottoman Foot Rest, Makeup Stool Ad

Product description


The comfortable rolling swivel stool has a thick upholstered seat with a mechanism (seat plate) that can rotate freely 360 degrees to tighten. Durable stools and chairs make it easier for you to spend a busy day, and it is also very convenient for multitasking. The modern style is suitable for homes and workplaces.

Stool size:
14 x (16.5-20) inches
Interior: high-quality thick PVC leather
Cushion: new high-density sponge
Base: Heavy-duty reinforced aluminum base, 19.3 inches in diameter
Casters: 2.5" diameter size
Carrying capacity: 280 pounds

Remove the plastic cover on the top of the air lift before assembly! This is only part of the packaging!

customer service:
If you have any questions, please contact Shenzhen Kerry. Can provide customer service and technical support. We also welcome and thank customers for their valuable suggestions.

WDSWBEH Vanity Chairs, Square Ottoman Foot Rest, Makeup Stool Ad

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