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LHONE 2Pc Kids Carry On Luggage Set Rolling Max 67% OFF Suitcase wi Surprise price Backpack

LHONE 2Pc Kids Carry On Luggage Backpack Set,Rolling Suitcase wi


LHONE 2Pc Kids Carry On Luggage Backpack Set,Rolling Suitcase wi

Product description


The luggage set was created with the unique characteristics of children in mind, as it incorporates several design features that benefit children.

These beautiful cases have cute lovely astronaut pattern specially printed onto their hard shell surfaces, which kids will like it. The lightweight is not overly heavy and the kids can use independently with adequate capacity. And the selected high quality ABS plastic especially and polycarbonate makes our luggage set has a better performance of anti-vibration and pressure resistance. 3 levels adjustment adjustable aluminum alloy tie rod and design to fit children's palms. Our trolleys and backpacks can accompany your child for a long time.

Non-toxic ABS, polycarbonate and nylon make it safe and durable

Large capacity and light weight

The flexible wheel of the trolley case is convenient for children to pull

Adjustable handle and shoulder strap for children of different heights

The cute astronaut pattern on the surface makes it very attractive

Widened backpack shoulder strap for ergonomics

All patterns are made by PC film printing according to plate making

Ribbon strap does not wear clothes and is durable

Two-way sturdy zippers for easier opening more convenient and flexible

Color: Pink
Material: ABS

Luggage dimensions: 20" x 13" x 8.5" (L x W x H)

Product weight: 6 lbs

Backpack dimensions: 12.5" x 10" x 4" (L x W x H)

Backpack strap material: Webbing

Package includes:
1 x Kids luggage set

LHONE 2Pc Kids Carry On Luggage Backpack Set,Rolling Suitcase wi

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